Jo parodi's cheese crock

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
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"Ciao Lets Eat" by Jo Parodi
Family's Recipe Collection
Typed by Dorothy Hair 6/94
1 pounds Cheese, Cheddar Sharp Aged grated
3 ounces Cheese, Cream
Oil, Olive Extra Virgin
1 teaspoon Mustard, Dry
Caraway seeds (optional)
Brandy and / or-


A pound of sharp, aged cheddar cheese, should be grated, and to it add 1 small package of cream cheese and enough good olive oil to make a think paste. Whirl in blender. If you have no blender, pound away at it in a wooden bowl until it is of a velvety spreading consistency. This takes a little work. Hope you all have a blender. Now add 1 teaspoon of dry mustard, a few caraway seeds (optional) and 2 jiggers of of brandy, or wine or both. This is where your own talents come into play. Brandy and kirsch are a fine combination, or bourbon and port, or just Madeira.

The fun from now on is that whenever you have a piece of cheese left around you grate it into the crock. The last drops left in wine or liquor bottle meet a similar end. Some of the old cheese should always be saved to act as the mother when you renew the crock. A variety of cheese may be used.

Roquefort is good, but use it sparingly. Keep the cheese spread in refrigerator in a covered stoneware crock with a few hefty spreading knives.

"This is really a wonderful spread and its always nice to have on hand for unexpected guests." Dorothy's note: A collection of recipes tested in the kitchen of Jo Parodi in a cookbook created with love for her family and friends. A colleague has allowed me to borrow his mother's present to him, and lucky for us, Mrs. Parodi has given her permission for me to post some of the family recipes from her 1973 cookbook.

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