Hummus recipe (katzens)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 To 3 medium cloves garlic,
Sliced [I use more, but I
Love garlic!]
1 Large handful parsley
2 Healthy scallions, in 1-inch
3 cups Cooked chick-peas
6 tablespoons Tahini [First I cut down to
One, now I just use a few
drop Chinese
Sesame oil]
6 tablespoons Fresh lemon juice [I use
Quite a lot more - one or
Two whole lemons,
¾ To 1 tsp. salt (to taste)
1 Cayenne and a little cumin,
To taste [she says optional,
But I don't!]

1) Place garlic, parsley and scallions in a food processor or blender, and mince.

2) Add chick peas, tahini [or oil], lemon juice, and salt, and puree to a thick paste. [I grind the chick peas separately first, it makes life much easier].

3) Season to taste with cayenne and cumin. Transfer to a tightly lidded container and chill.

The green colour can be a bit disconcerting at first, and it does taste a bit different, using sesame oil instead of tahini. But it is still good, I feel.

Source: adaptation of the Hummus recipe from Mollie Katzen's "Moosewood Cookbook".

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