Honey chicken 2

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Chicken pieces
\N \N Honey
\N \N BBQ sauce

My sister who makes this, kind of "wings it" but this is basically how she does it.

Chicken pieces (can be a chicken cut up, or your favourite parts) However many you think you can eat.

Put chicken in a pan. You can put it on a rack in a pan, or just in the pan itself. My sister recommends spraying the pan liberally with Pam or something of that sort, because the Honey makes for messy clean-up and anything that helps, is welcome.

So, put chicken in 375 degree oven, you can season chicken a little if you so choose, but my sister doesn't. Keep chicken in oven just until it looks about half done to you.

At this point, take chicken out of oven. Turn oven down to 350. With a pastry brush, brush chicken with honey. My sister uses "Billy Bee Pure Natural Clover Honey" After you brush it with honey, pull out your favourite BBQ sauce, and using same pastry brush, brush chicken with BBQ sauce.

Put chicken in oven and cook it for a while (5-10-15 minutes) Take chicken out of oven. With tongs, turn chicken over and coat other side first with honey, then with BBQ sauce as above. Return to oven.

You can leave chicken in oven until done, or you can take it out and keep turning chicken over. (hence the vague 5-10-15 minutes) Just turn the chicken over though, no need to add more honey or BBQ sauce, unless you feel you want to.

Sorry that this isn't more scientific, but this is the best my sister could do.

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