Helen's apricot delight

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup (scant) apricot paste* (or
\N \N Try apricot leather)
1 cup Boiling water
2 cups Granulated sugar
1 \N Box Sure Jell
½ cup Chopped walnuts
2 tablespoons (scant) powdered sugar for
\N \N Coating

*Apricot paste is a thicker, softer version of apricot leather, available at middle eastern groceries. Tear or cut the paste into small pieces and place in bowl or cup. Pour the boiling water over it and set it aside to dissolve. If it hasn't completely dissolved by the time the water has cooled, help it along with a hand blender or use a regular ble nder. Spray a non-stick brownie pan with Pam and set aside, preferably on a marble slab or other good heat sink. I use d a 7½ by 11 pan and got ⅜ inch thick candy. A smaller pan would give thicker candy. Measure the sugar into a large saucepan. Add the apricot mixture and the pectin powder. Stir over high heat till th e mixture reaches the soft ball stage. Remove from heat. Stir in walnuts. Pour mixture into prepared pan. If walnuts ar en't evenly distributed, adjust this quickly with the spoon. Let the candy cool while you and your spouse lick the spoo n and scrape the pan. Once you've scraped and licked as much as you want, set the pan and spoon to soak in hot, soapy w ater. Pour powdered sugar over top of cooled candy. Tap to evenly coat the top, then tip the loose sugar into a small, shallo w bowl. Dip the end of a sharp spatula in the sugar and use it to cut the candy into 1" squares, with a straight, chop ping motion. Dip the spatula back into the sugar any time it threatens to stick. Using clean fingers pull out the cand ies one by one and flop them about in the sugar to coat all sides. Place coated candies in a cookie tin for your sister , lined with wax paper. Separate layers with additional paper. Make a second batch for your husband and yourself (at l east that's how I did it). Makes 32 pieces.

From: Helen Fleischer

From: Pat Stockett Date: 07-19-95 (06:34) (19) (E)Cooking

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