Hamburger basics

Yield: 3 Servings

Measure Ingredient
18 ounces Ground chuck -- 85%
3 larges English muffins
Freshly ground pepper
Cheese sliced
Tomatoes -- sliced
Onion -- sliced

Use freshly ground beef. Take the ground beef and break it apart in a large bowl. Grind the pepper over it and mix with a large fork, I find the 2-tined one with the long handle works best. Divide the meat into three mounds on waxed paper. Form the mounds into patties. DO NOT PRESS it tight, just kind of gather it up and form the patties, pressing lightly to form(about 1 to 1½-inches thick). Grill over medium high heat until the juices just begin to appear on the top, then flip it over and continue cooking for about half the time took for the first side. Serve of toasted muffins with whatever toppings you like.

If you press the meat tight, you end up with tuff fast-food stype burger

I do not use salt in the mixture because it tuffings the meat and draws out the juices. Salt can added, if desires, when assembling finished burgers.

Other herbs can be added to the meat when mixing, but I find that a good burger is one were the meat is left alone and the toppings are added later.

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