Grandma's quiche

Yield: 1 Servings

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\N \N Quiche

My grandmother used to make a custard pie for Sunday night supper, and as I recall, she planned ahead for it by saving some of her yeast bread dough in the icebox, and later in our lives, the refrigerator. When it was time, she cranked up her oven to hot- I would guess 375-400, rolled out the bread dough as thin as she could and put it in a floured pan with an edge, large enough to make the custard shallow. It sat there while she melted some butter in a skillet and lightly browned some sliced green onions in it. She placed as many eggs as there were diners in a bowl and 1 more, then added ½ cup very rich milk, top milk, cream, or evaporated milk, depending on the larder, for each diner. She whipped this with a fork, added the butter with onions, and a little salt. She poked the dough with her fingers to make little dimples, and poured in the eggs, then she grated some nutmeg over the top. It was done in about 10 minutes. She was descended from French and German early settlers of Louisiana, and it could be that this was an old recipe from her background, maybe a primitive quiche. As a child, the source of recipes didn't interest me, and now I'll never know--some of this I remember, the proportions I got from relatives.

Recipe By : DDMmom


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