Grandma's peach shortcake

Yield: 6 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Sifted enriched flour
2 tablespoons Sugar
3 teaspoons Baking powder
½ teaspoon Salt
½ cup Butter or margarine
1 Beaten egg
⅔ cup Light cream
Soft butter or margarine
4 cups Sugared sliced peaches
1 cup Heavy cream, whipped

The biscuits are almost rich as cake! Sift together dry ingredients; cut in butter till mixture is like coarse crumbs. Combine egg and cream; add all at once to dry ingredients, stirring only to moisten. Turn dough out on floured surface; knead gently ½ minute. Pat or roll dough to ½ inch. Cut 6 biscuits with floured 2½-inch round or fluted cutter. Bake on ungreased baking sheet in very hot oven (450ø) about 10 minutes.

Split shortcakes; butter bottom layers. Fill and top with peaches and whipped cream. Serve warm.

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