Game sauce for prairie chicken

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Chicken broth
1 tablespoon Butter
1½ tablespoon Flour
¼ cup Light cream
1 tablespoon Dry sherry or to taste
½ teaspoon Salt
⅛ teaspoon Pepper
½ teaspoon Ground sage
½ teaspoon Lemon juice

Drain the grease from the roasting pan used for Prairie Chicken. Add the chicken broth to the pan and place over heat, scraping the sides and bottom of the pan to loosen the drippings. Skim off any remaining grease. Set the pan aside while making the roux.

In a saucepan melt the butter and stir in the flour until blended.

Pour in the chicken broth and drippings from the roasting pan, and cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture is smooth. Add the cream and cook until the sauce bubbles and thickens. Add the sherry, seasonings, and lemon juice. Stir and serve in a warm gravy boat.

Yield: About 1 cup.

From: NANNY'S TEXAS TABLE - TEXAS COUNTRY COOKING AT THE HOUGHTON RANCH by Larry Ross, Simon and Schuster, New York. 1987. ISBN 0-671-62534-9 Posted by: Karin Brewer, Cooking Echo, 1/93

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