Frozen peach dessert

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
19 ounces Can peaches; (or apricots)
⅓ cup Sugar
⅓ cup Peach brandy; (or liqueur,but some tend to be bitter, eg.Peach Schnapps), substitute apricot liqueur for canned apricots, up to 1/2
⅛ teaspoon Almond extract; (optional)
1 cup Whipping cream; (parve if desired)

source: The Pleasures of Your Processor Norene Gilletz ~Drain peaches reserving ½ C. juice. Measure 2C. drained peaches.

~In food processor, process peaches with reserved peach juice, sugar, brandy & extract. Puree till smooth.

~Meanwhile, whip cream with electric mixer till stiff.

~Add whipped cream to peach puree. Blend with 3 or 4 on/off turns.

~Pour mixture into 1 qt. mold (Tupperware is ideal). Freeze till firm.

~Unmold by placing mold in hot water for @ 10 seconds, shake to loosen.

Freeze till @ 15 mins before serving time. Let stand to soften slightly.

~May garnish with mint leaves

yield: 8 servings

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