Fine pie crust (puff)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
6 tablespoons Butter
Common Paste

Divide butter into thirds & keep cold while preparing paste. Roll dough in rectangle 5x15x1/8". Trim ½" off side to use for patching.

take ⅓ butter in fingers, knead it to soften & pinch off small pieces. Cover rectangle with butter dots, except around edges. Fold short ends of dough towards center, overlapping like a business letter. Press gently & fold pastry in half the other way. If pastry has broken anywhere, patch by wetting surfaces to be joined. If kitchen is warm, chill dough 15 minutes. Roll again to rectangle & repeat buttering & folding. Chill. Repeat. Chill. For top pie crust- roll out folded dough into circle 2" wider than pan rim. Wet edge of filled bottom crust. Using rolling pin as carrier, transfer to pie pan. Press edges together & trim. Crimp with fingers or fork. Bake as directed. For turnovers- roll folded dough into rectangle.


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