Fast food 4 (rice and vegetables) (vegan)

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
Instant rice
Italian seasoning
1 can Crushed tomatoes
1 Box thawed frozen spinach

In large pot, cook up 2 cups of (real or instant) rice. When it's almost done, stir in a spoon or two of bouillion granules, and/or some italian seasoning, onion, black pepper, whatever. Add a large can of crushed tomatoes. Add a box of thawed frozen spinach.

And a few hints:

When you cook, make a big pot of whatever it is you're making. It won't add very much extra work, and you can freeze the leftovers, or just munch on them for a few days.

Keep shortcut foods like canned beans, quick-cooking noodles (not ramen bricks, they have a lot of fat), instant rice, canned tomato puree, dehydrated onions, quick-cook oatmeal, frozen veggies, etc. around. They aren't as good or as nutritious as the 'real thing', and they cost more, but they come in very handy when you don't have time...

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