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TRADITIONALLY MADE OILS ======================= EDEN offers two traditionally made toasted sesame oils. They reflect the finest ingredients and processing. Unrefined and expeller processed, they have the full color and flavor of sesame. Using a slow screw press ensures low temperture extraction, protecting the natural vitamin E that guards against oxidation. Filtering through vegetable quality filters removes small particles while maintaining flavor and nutrients. A nitrogen flush when bottling preserves freshness by driving off oxygen than can cause oxidative damage.

TOASTED SESAME OIL - EDEN Toasted Sesame Oil is made by gently pressing whole seeds that have been dry-roasted to release their oil.

Its distinctive flavor and aroma is commonly a part of oriental cooking. Toasted Sesame Oil is also known as 'oriental oil' or 'Chinese oil' in recipes, and some writers refer to it as 'dark' sesame oil. This delicious and nutritious oil complements any grain, pasta, or vegetable, and will add pleasing character to your sauces and dressings.

Ingredients: Toasted Sesame Oil Sizes: 5 or 10 ounce glass ******************************************************* ************* HOT PEPPER SESAME OIL - EDEN Hot Pepper Sesame Oil is a fiery hot combination of toasted sesame oil and red chili peppers. Whole red chili peppers release their essential oil when steeped in toasted sesame oil, producing a strong but balanced 'heat' in this specialty condiment/cooking oil. Use in sautes, sauces or dressings for a zesty heat.

Ingredients: Toasted Sesame Oil, Red Chili Peppers Sizes: 5 or 10 ounce glass

******************************************************* ************** SPECIALTY VINEGARS Unrefined ============================ EDEN Brown Rice Vinegar and Ume Plum Vinegar are delicious condiments made the traditional way, as they have been for centuries, with meticulous care, 'the best' being the only goal. Natural fementation of whole foods is acheived without the addition of modern additives. Lightly filtered only through cotton cloth to retain full flavor and nourishment.

BROWN RICE VINEGAR - EDEN Brown Rice Vinegar is made by artisans from whole grain rice and pure well water. Through a slow and laborious maturing process it mellows and sweetens naturally in unglazed earthenware vats. This exceptional vinegar experiences seasonal changes for three years in a climate perfectly suited to and necessary for its production. It is surprisingly sweet and smooth unlike most types of vinegar. It is the vinegar of choice for sushi - 'sushi' literally translates to 'vinegar rice'.

Ingredients: Water, Brown Rice Sizes: 5 or 10 ounce glass ******************************************************* ************** UME VINEGAR - EDEN Ume Plum Vinegar begins with a rare variety of plum appreciated for the remarkable properties embodied in PlumBalls (TM) and umeboshi. This vinegar is created as umeboshi (pickled plums) are made. Fresh plums are rotated from shiso (beefsteak leaves) bring to sun drying, then back to the brine over and over, creating this flavorful vinegar. Shiso leaves gives it its red color; its tart flavor is from the organic acid rich ume plum. Technically a brine, but always called vinegar because of its tartness, this condiment sparks salads, dips, and dressing with its healthful character.

Ingredients: Water, Ume Plum, Shiso (beefsteak leaf) and Sea Salt Sizes: 5 or 10 ounce glass

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