Dry curing - corning beef

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
¼ cup Morton Tender Quick
2 tablespoons Brown sugar; packed
5 \N Cloves garlic; minced
1 teaspoon Ground black pepper
1 teaspoon Ground ginger
½ teaspoon Ground cloves
¼ teaspoon Ground nutmeg
⅛ teaspoon Cayenne pepper
1 \N 4-lb brisket preferably the flat cut



Dry Curing - Corning beef using a dry cure is a lot like rubbing a Texas Brisket before smoking. It really infuses the meat with flavor while it cures. This is one intensely-flavored corned beef. It reminds you more of Pastrami then corned beef. (Pastrami is brisket that's been dry-cured, smoked, then cooked) All corned beef is dry cured by nature. But dry curing makes is slightly drier and a touch saltier than brine-cured. Curing Time: 48-72 Hours

Hope this might give you some ideas to play with.

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