Crowning the bird

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
Your turkey, chicken, or duck is that much nobler for a tasty, decorative
Garnish. But don't overdo it!

Water cress, tucked in ends of canned whole apricots Tiny bunches of grapes Celery tops or parsley, tied to drumsticks Canned whole-cranberry sauce, cranberry relish, or mint jelly in canned or fresh peach or pear halves Canned jellied cranberry sauce on pineapple slices Canned pickled peaches or spiced crab apples Canned whole apricots, studded with almonds Unpeeled orange slices Candied sweet-potato halves; or sauteed whole mushrooms Baked small apples, each filled with sauteed sausage Canned pineapple slices, topped with canned apricots Orange shells, filled with canned crushed pineapple Lemon shells, filled with cranberry sauce A Lei for the Holiday Bird: Newest and most exciting way to garnish! When setting dining or buffet table, set empty turkey platter in place; around it, arrange tiny bunches of grapes, kumquats, lady apples, nuts in shells, and sprinkling of raw cranberries. Tuck in green leaves here and there.

(Lei may double as centerpiece too.)

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