Crankcase stout

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Crushed crystal malt
1 pounds Crushed roasted barley
1½ pounds Crushed black patent malt
9 pounds Munton & Fison dark dry malt
\N \N Extract
1 can John Bull dark hopped malt
\N \N Extract
2 \N Inches brewers licorice
2 ounces Nugget leaf hops
2 ounces Galena leaf hops
1 ounce Cascade hops
2 \N Packs
1 ounce Amylase enzyme
\N \N Doric ale yeast

Put grains into two gallons water and boil. When pot reaches boil, re- move grains. Add dry extract and stir. Add hopped extract and licorice.

Add Nugget and Galena hops. Boil 70 minutes. This was a big thick mess and needs a big pot---mine boiled over. Add Cascade for finishing. Cool and pitch yeast and amylase. Put in a big fermenter with a blow tube--- my batch blew the cover creating a marvelous mess all over the wall.

Eventually rack to secondary and ferment a long time (at least 3 weeks). An experiment in extravagance. Intimidating. Heavy, strong, thick. Not really drinkable after 4 months. Interesting, but not completely enjoyable. Too much of too many good things. Secondary Ferment: 3 weeks + Recipe By : Marc San Soucie File

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