Mega stout

Yield: 54 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cans Munton & Fison stout kit
3 pounds Munton & Fison extra dark
Dry malt extract
2 cups Chocolate malt
2 cups Black patent malt
2 cups Roasted barley
3 ounces Fuggles hops (boil)
½ ounce Cascade hops (finish)
Ale yeast
¼ teaspoon Irish moss
¾ cup Corn sugar (priming)

Steep whole grains in 6 cups of water and bring to boil. Remove grains at boil. Add extract and boiling hops. Boil 1 hour. Add Irish moss in last 15 minutes. After boil add Cascade hops and steep 15 minutes. Cool and pitch yeast. This recipe was developed by Doug Hinderks, president of the Northern Ale Stars Homebrewers Guild. The recipe was used as the basis for "Ursa Stout," which follows. Ursa differs in the addition of pale, crystal, and dextrin malts in place of some of the dry extract. Original Gravity: 1.071 Final Gravity: 1.020

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