Cranberry-filled brie

Yield: 6 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ \N Stick butter; softened
¼ cup Fresh cranberries
1 teaspoon Orange zest; finely minced
1 teaspoon Sugar; (up to 2)
1 tablespoon Grand MarnierĀ® or other orange liqueur
1 \N Ripe roud Brie cheese (4 ounces); unwrapped
1 \N Strip dental floss; (24 inches long)
½ cup Sliced toasted almonds; slightly crushed
\N \N Dried cranberries; for garnish

Place softened butter in a food processor with the metal blade. Add cranberries, orange zest, sugar and Grand Marnier. Process by pulsing until mixture is smooth.

Place the unwrapped cheese on a work surface. Wrap the dental floss around the side of cheese and pull it through the cheese horizontally, cutting it in half. Place both halves (cut sides up) on the work surface and spread the butter mixture evenly on one half of the cheese. Replace the other half, middle sides together, and press down gently. Spread additional butter on the sides and top of the cheese. Then coat the top and sides with the sliced, toasted nuts, covering the layer of butter. Cover and chill until firm. Garnish with dried cranberries on top. Serve either whole (with a small wedge removed) or cut into thin wedges. Serve with crackers or slices baguettes.

Let sit 30 minutes before serving. Do not heat.

Reprinted in The Sacramento Bee 12/10/97 Recipe by: Kerri Richter, Chef at Kerried Away, Sacramento, CA Posted to recipelu-digest Volume 01 Number 357 by "Crane Walden <cranew@...>" <cranew@...> on Dec 11, 1997

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