Crab meat roll sushi

Yield: 6 Rolls

Measure Ingredient
3 cups White medium grain rice
1 cup Rice vinegar
1 cup White sugar
2 teaspoons Salt (heaping)
\N \N Artificial crabmeat; mixed with mayonnaise
\N \N Cucumber; cut in thin long strips
\N \N Nori (seaweed)



Cook rice. Let steam after cooking for 20 minutes, then put into large mixing bowl and add 1 cup of cooled vinegar sauce. Toss rice lightly but thoroughly with vinegar sauce.

When rice is cooled, spread about 1 inch thick on a sheet of nori, leving about 1½ inches uncovered at one edge of nori to use as a sealing flap. Wet finger tips in leftover vinegar sauce to make rice easier to handle.

Place crabmeat and cucumber in a thin line across the rice. Roll the rice into a cylinder, nori side out and crabmeat in the middle.

Use a bambo sushi roller or an acrylic sushi press. Slice across the sushi roll into 8 pieces and serve. Makes about 6 rolls.

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