Coconut milk substitute

Yield: 1 cup

Measure Ingredient
1 cup Milk (whole or low-fat) OR yogurt OR evaporated skim milk
½ teaspoon Coconut extract

Combine the ingredients in a bowl and stir.

Note: combining coconut extract with whole milk reduces the level of fat to 8 grams; when combined with low-fat milk, that figure is reduced to 5 grams. Since the consistency of coconut-flavored milk is thinner than that of canned coconut milk, you may need to add more of the substitute than is called for in the recipe and cook it longer to achieve good results. Yogurt combined with coconut extract will be thicker and the fat content will be even lower, about 3 grams.

Evaporated skim milk will also give a thicker consistency.

A World of Curries by Dave DeWitt and Arthur Pais ISBN 0-316-18224-9 pg 20 Submitted By DIANE LAZARUS On 01-25-95

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