Clam chowder for canning

Yield: 10 Pints

Measure Ingredient
½ pounds Salted port, diced
1 cup Onions, chopped
3 quarts To 4 qts. clams w/juice,
Cleaned, and chopped
2 quarts Potatoes, pared, diced,
(about 8 medium size)
2 quarts Boiling water
Salt and pepper to taste

Cook salt port until light borwn. Drain off excess fat. Add onions and cook until tender but not brown in a large kettle, combine clams and juice, pork, onions, potatoes, and water. Boil 10 minutes. Season to taste. Pour hot into hot pint Ball jars, leaving 1-inch head space. Adjust caps. Process pints 1 hour and 40 minutes at 10 pounds pressure.

Yield: About 10 pints

NOTE: For Manhattan Chowder....add ½ bay leaf, ½ tsp thyme, ½ cup chopped celery, and 2 cups cooked tomatoes to Clam Chowder before canning.

For New England Chowder.....add 2 Tbs butter and 2 cups milk to each pint Clam Chowder before heating for serving.

From the Ball Blue Book of Canning. Copyright @1974 Ball Corporation New Revised Edition 29

Typed in by Bobbie Beers

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