Chocolate garnish wings

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 ounces Dark chocolate (can use
\N \N Bakers chocolate)

Melt over a double boiler and place into a piping bag or a parchment cone. On a separate sheet of parchment paper pipe out wings freehand or draw with a stencil to trace. Place in freezer so they set up.

Reserve for garnish.


Take cake and cut into two triangles then cut each in half laterally.

On bottom half, ladle berry filling and evenly distribute. Then apply white chocolate berry sauce. You can at this point add fresh berry slices if desired.

Place top half back on top then place cake on a wire rack for glazing.

Using warm ganache ladle glaze on top of cake and allow to run down sides. If ganache is thin add another coat.

Place in refrigerator until glaze is solid. Take a whisk and splatter white chocolate sauce on top and decorate with more berries. With wings, they can garnish entire cake or you can use smaller wings to garnish each individual serving.


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