Chocolate dot pancakes

Yield: 8 pancakes

Measure Ingredient
½ cup Prepared pancake mix
⅓ cup Chocolate chips
1 \N Egg, slightly beaten
1 tablespoon Sugar
½ cup Milk
\N \N Soft vanilla ice cream OR
\N \N Cool Whip

Combine the pancake mix, sugar and chocolate chips. Stir in the milk and the egg. Drop by heaping tablespoonsfull onto a heated grill or skillet. Fry until bubbly. Turn, brown on the other side. Serve with soft vanilla ice cream of cool whip layered between two pancakes.

Source: Brigitte Sealing, Cyberealm BBS Watertown NY Originally posted: 4/92

Typed for you by: Linda Fields, Cyberealm BBS Watertown, NY 315-786-1120

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