Chili pizza, wes pitts, v3.0

Yield: 1 pizza

Measure Ingredient
1 each Your favorite pizza dough
2 eaches Beer
½ pounds Sausage
\N \N 'shrooms
1 \N Small can chopped blk olives
\N \N Cheddar, grated 2/3 cups
2 cups (16 oz) chili

Pre-heat your oven to as hot as that sucker'll go. Use a pizza stone if'n you got one.

* Use mild Cheddar. Trust me. ** If'n you use canned chili, that's OK, as long as it ain't got no BEANS. Home-made chili, a few days old, is even better. NO BEANS!! While the dough is rising, grate the cheese, and saute the 'shrooms and sausage together. Drink the beer.

You got plenty of time. Roll the dough out so it kinda looks like a pizza. You know, kinda round? Or, make it like a rectangle and call it a bigfoot. Add the toppings in this order: chili, sausage'n'shrooms, olives, cheese. Ten to 15 minutes in the oven should do 'er. Plenty of time to drink the other beer.

Re-U/L to F-Cooking by Burt Ford. 9/95 Submitted By BURTON FORD On 9-04-95

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