Canyon ranch burger

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
1 pounds Extra-lean ground round
8 smalls Whole-wheat hamburger buns
⅓ cup Thousand Island dressing; *see recipe
Onion slices

Form meat into 2-ounce patties and cook as desired.

Spread each bun with 2 teaspoons dressing.

Place 1 patty on each bun and garnish with tomato, onion slices and lettuce. Makes 8 burgers.

*REF -- Canyon Ranch Cooking: Techniques & Tips, by Jeanne Jones Notes: Serve with Oven Fries (potatoes) Sent by Pat Hanneman; Recipe provided by Orlando Ramirez <> on 05/13/1998(Wed) and converted by MC_Buster.

Recipe by: Jeanne Jones (*see ref) Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by Kitpath <phannema@...> on May 13, 1998

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