Canned vegetable salad

Yield: 8 Servings

Measure Ingredient
17 ounces Corn, canned
16 ounces Green beans, canned --
\N \N French style
8½ ounce Peas, canned
2 ounces Pimientos -- chopped
4 \N Stalks celery -- chopped
1 each Green pepper -- chopped
1 each Onion -- chopped
⅔ cup Vegetable oil
2 tablespoons Water
1½ cup Sugar

Combine corn, green beans, pimiento, celery, green pepper, and onion in a large bowl, tossing lightly. Cover and refrigerate 1 hour.

Combine vinegar, oil, water, and sugar; mix well. Pour over vegetable mixture. Cover and refrigerate at least 24 hours. Drain and serve in a lettuce-lined bowl.

Recipe By : Barbara Davis

From: Janice Springer <75451.2725@compudate: 28 Nov 95 09:28:35 Est

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