Candied figs

Yield: 1 Batch

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Fresh green ripe figs enough for your electric fry pan (not overripe)
1 teaspoon Soda
1¼ cup Apple cider
3 cups Sugar

Boil some water in a medium size pan and add 1 teaspoon soda. Pour this over figs and let stand for about five minutes. This must cover the figs; turn them to be sure. Drain and rinse figs, and place in the electric fry pan. In a small pan put the vinegar and sugar and bring to a boil. Pour this over the figs; cover and cook 1 hour at 250 F. Cool and let stand overnight. The next day, cook 1 hour without the cover. Cool and let stand overnight. Third day, cook 1 hour and cool. When cool, arrange the figs on a cookie sheet. Let stand for 2 or 3 days, turning once or twice. After they are dry, pack them between layers of waxed paper. Keep refrigerated until all are eaten.

Source: Tonka Bebek "Our Favorite Recipes" St. Anthony Croatian Catholic Church Typed for you by Karen Mintzias ...downloaded from: Salata *Redondo Beach, CA (310)-543-0439 (1:102/125)

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