Cajun banana smoothie

Yield: 1 batch

Measure Ingredient
1 each Large ripe banana, sliced
½ cup Fresh strawberries sliced
¼ cup Skim milk (2%)
3 eaches Slices banana
3 eaches Sprigs mint
1 teaspoon Brown sugar
½ cup Banana yogurt
1 ounce Dark rum
1 ounce Banana brandy
¼ teaspoon Orange peel grated
3 eaches Whole strawberries


Place bananas & strawberries in a bowl and freeze. Remove after frozen & place in a blender. Add skim milk, yogurt, orange peel, & sugar. blend at medium speed until thick. Add rum & brandy. Pour into a chilled champagne saucer. Arrange strawberries,banana slices, & mint on long toothpicks. Rotate into drink & serve.

source: cajun gourmet afloat & on the road isbn # 09627946-1-9 typed by BUD WALL

Submitted By MAHLON WALL On 12-08-94

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