Burfi (or burfi) indian fudge

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
¾ cup Sugar
1¼ cup Water
8 ounces Dried milk powder
2 teaspoons Ground almonds
½ teaspoon Ground green cardamoms
½ teaspoon Rosewater-=OR=-
½ teaspoon Kewra

1 Dissolve the sugar in the water over very low heat, then raise the heat somewhat and slowly boil to a stiffish syrup.

2 Stir in, still on gentle heat, the milk powder, almonds, cardamom and rosewater.

3 Mix well and when quite thick remove from heat and turn out into a non-stick oven dish (approx 10x8 inches /25 x 20 cms).

4 When cold and set, turn out of the dish. Place edible foil (optional) on it then cut into fidge sized peices. Keep for 4 days only.

From Pat Chapman's "Indian Restaurant Cookbook" ISBN 0 86188 378 0 Submitted By IAN HOARE On 08-19-95

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