Blueberry sandwich

Yield: 1 Servings

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Phillip Graebing wrote that he had lost his blueberry recipes. I have a cookbook called "The Blueberry Connection" - 209 pages of nothing but blueberry recipes. Being it's that time of the year, hopefully some of the following will refresh Phillip's files Sprinkle blueberries with sugar and set aside. Cut off crusts from two slices of bread. Place two slices on board and with rolling pin, press and roll until bread is dough-like. Put on slice on top and with fork tines, crimp two sides. Fill with sweetened blueberries. Crimp other two edges.

Fry in butter in hot skillet. Turn once until crisp. Serve warm with sour cream. Toss a summer salad, open a bottle of light white wine and serve a Blueberry Sandwich.

"There is a fine book for children - and their parents - about a little girl in Maine. She goes berry-pickin' with her mother and meets a bear with a little cub. They are berry-pickin' too. What confusion! [Blueberries for Sal] by Robert McCloskey.

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