Bill's smoked duck

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
4 \N Duck breasts; skinned (1 per person)
\N \N Soy sauce
\N \N Bacon drippings
\N \N Celery salt
\N \N Black pepper
\N \N Cayenne pepper

Wash breasts thoroughly and drain on paper towels. Rub each breast with soy sauce and bacon drippings, coating thoroughly. Sprinkle each breast with celery salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper (easy on cayenne). Build a low charcoal fire (a little charcoal and lot's of hickory). Do not use a smoker. Place ducks at opposite end (NOT DIRECTLY OVER FIRE) with vent open over ducks and under fire. Close lid and smoke 30 minutes. Baste with bacon drippings. Turn and baste again. Smoke 4 to 6 hours, turning every hour or so but no need to baste again. Serve immediately or freeze for another day.

When frozen, thaw in slow oven or microwave, slice and serve. Yield: 1 breast per person.


From <Traditions:ATasteoftheGoodLife>, by the Little Rock (AR) Junior League. Downloaded from Glen's MM Recipe Archive, .

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