Smoked quackers

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Duck breasts
¼ cup Vinegar
5 \N Diced jalapenos; (your heat level)
1 cup Your BBQ Sauce
\N large Sliced apple
\N large Sliced Onion


About the price. It is probably a lot cheaper to buy ducks than hunt.

However, we huntem. Mainly bushwackem or jumpem. It's fun. Lotsa laughs! Sometime sounds like the Hatfields and McCoys when we bustem! Below is how we cookem. Marinate is mainly used to get rid of the mud (wild) taste. Wild ducks feed close to the bottom. Or on things that feed close to the bottom of a lake, pond or river.

Duck breast:

Fat cut off. Place in Zip-lock bag with marinate. Bout as much that will fit in the bag if you have a lot.


Marinate at least two days if you don't like wild taste. A week won't hurt.

Lay two pieces of bacon down in a cross. Lay the duck breast on top middle of the bacon. Brush on a little bbq sauce. Place one apple slice and onion slice from the marinate on top of the breast. Pull the four ends of bacon over the top and place a toothpick through the top to bottom. Brush on a little more BBQ.

Cook on grill until the bacon is done.

People that don't like duck like these.

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