Basic steps for making vegetable soup

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\N \N Splendid Soups
\N \N by James Peterson
\N \N ISBN 0-553-07505-5

Melt fat for cooking vegetables (optional) Gently cook flavorful meats in fat (optional) Gently cook aromatic vegetables in fat until they soften or simmer directly in liquid

Fresh or dried herbs can be added to the soup near the beginning (chopped or tied in a bouquet garni) Add starch or starchy vegetables. These can provide substance to a soup containing whole or chopped vegetables or can function as thickeners in pur‚ed soups

Add liquid; simmer soup until vegetables soften Add other vegetables at the same time as the liquid Add thickener (pure‚d soups only) Add quick cooking green vegetables and other ingredients Pur‚e soup

Strain pur‚e

Add flavorful finishes and enrichment Garnish

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