Bangers (english sausage making)

Yield: 4 Servings

Measure Ingredient
5 teaspoons Ground white pepper
2½ teaspoon Mace
2¼ teaspoon Salt
2 teaspoons Ground ginger
2 teaspoons Rubbed sage
½ teaspoon Nutmeg
2½ pounds Boneless lean pork shoulder
\N \N Or loin cut in cubes
1 pounds Fresh pork fat in cubes
1½ cup Dry bread crumbs
1¼ cup Chicken broth
3½ teaspoon Banger seasoning

Grind pork and fat together using fine hole disc of meat grinder. Add Banger Seasoning. Mix well. Grind again. Force mixture into casings and tie in 4-5 inch lengths.

This mixture will be too fine to form into patties. Bake or saute.


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