Artichoke preparing for cooking whole

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
Globe artichokes
Baby artichokes / Italian

Rinse artichokes. Cut off the tip of each large leaf with a scissors, so you won't be pricked by the sharp tips when you're eating the leaves. Then with a knife, cut off the top inch or so of the artichoke. Cut off stems if you want; you can pare them and cook them in the pot alongside the artichoke.

Baby artichokes, of l/2-inch diameter or less, do not need trimming.

Cook immediately after trimming to avoid discoloration. Lemon may be used.

After trimming artichokes wash your hands well; they tend to give your fingers a bitter taste and will affect the next food you pick up and eat.

Recipe by: Faye Levy's INTERNATIONAL VEGETABLE COOKBOOK Posted to MC-Recipe Digest by KitPATh <phannema@...> on Mar 24, 1998

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