Apple raisin bread

Yield: 1 & 1-1/2 lb

Measure Ingredient
1½ teaspoon Dry yeast;
1¼ cup Bread flour;
1 cup Whole wheat bread;
¼ cup Rolled oats;
½ teaspoon Salt;
2¼ teaspoon Dry yeast;
2 cups Bread flour;
1½ cup Whole wheat flour;
⅓ cup Rolled oats;
¾ teaspoon Salt;
½ cup Apple butter; (NO SUGAR ADDED)
⅔ cup Water;
¼ cup Raisins;
¾ cup Apple butter (NO SUGAR ADDED)
1 cup Water;
⅓ cup Raisins;


1-½ LB. LOAF

NOTE IN THE BOOK: This breadfast bread, full of sweetness and flavor, can made a morning beautiful. But do not begin it on a timed setting the night before, since the oats may absorb water and make the bread very heavy. If you want prepare Apple Raisin Bread ahead, bake it on the simplest bread cycle the evening before, and let it cool overnight.

BREAD: Add all ingredients except the raisins in the order suggusted by your bread machine manual and process on the basic bread cycle according to the manufacture's directions.

Add the raisins at the beeper or at the end of the first kneading in machines without a beeper to signal addition of fruit and nuts.

Source: The Best Low-fat, No-sugar Bread Machine Cookbook Ever Brought to you and yours via Nancy O'Brion and Clan Submitted By NANCY O'BRION On 12-22-95

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