Anna cutlets

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 Bone-free cuts of pork; e.g. cutlets, 150 grammes apiece
200 grams Sliced mushrooms; (canned or deep-frozen mushrooms can be used)
400 grams Peeled potatoes; in thin slices
Butter for frying
Salt and pepper as desired

"Allt om Mat" is a leading Swedish food magazine. We were immensely proud when it published our recipe for Anna cutlets in the early 1970s. (We also appreciated when the magazine, 25 years later, included a link to our recipe collection - see AoM #17, 1997.) It is a very convenient dish, can be prepared long in advance with everything contained in one pot.

1.Fry the mushroom slices briefly in a hot frying-pan.

2.Place the pork cuts in a buttered gratin dish and cover them with the mushrooms, then put the potato slices on top in a even layer.

3.Use salt and pepper as desired, then top with very thin slices of butter.

4.Cook in the oven at 200 - 225 oC for 45 minutes.

Serve together with a tomato-lettuce-cucumber salad.

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