Nut cutlets

Yield: 1 batch

Measure Ingredient
1 ounce Butter
¾ \N To one gill of milk
4 ounces Groundnuts (roasted and put through a mincing machine)
\N \N Cayenne pepper and salt
1 ounce Flour
2 \N Oz. fresh breadcrumbs
\N \N Worcestershire, tomato or H.P. sauce to flavour
\N \N Juice of one lemon (to bind it well)

Melt the fat and add the flour to it. Beat in the liquid gradually, stir until boiling and cook for a few minutes. Add the minced nuts and other ingredients. Beat well over heat until all the ingredients bind, then turn onto a wet plate and mark out evenly. When cold, form into cutlets, using a dusting of flour. Brush with beaten egg or milk and serve with tomato sauce. This recipe can also be used for the making of egg cutlets, 3 hard boiled eggs being substituted for the nuts.

Posted by Stephen Ceideburg November 25 1990.

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