Zesty stuffed tomatoes

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 larges Firm tomatoes
½ cup Sour cream
3 tablespoons Chopped jalapeno
3 tablespoons Sliced green onions (including tops)
2 teaspoons Flour
¾ teaspoon Sugar
½ teaspoon Salt
1 ounce Shredded monterey cheese (1/4 C)
1 ounce Shredded cheddar (1/4 C)

Cut tomatoes in half horizontally; if necessary, cut a thin slice off each uncut end so tomatoes will sit upright. Using handle of teaspoon, gently remove seeds and juice of tomato. Drain tomatoes upside down on paper towels. In small bowl, combine sour cream, peppers, onions, flour, sugar and salt; mix well. Place tomato halves upright on foil lined broiler pan or cookie sheet. Spoon ¼ of sour cream mix in each tomato cup. Broil 2-3min or til sour cream is bubbly and lightly browned. Sprinkle w/ cheese; broil 2-3min or til cheese is melted. Garnish w/ jalapeno if desired.

TIP:Green pepper can be substituted for jalapeno. Four med. tomatoes can be sub. for 2 large; cut ¼" slice from stem and don't cut in half horizontally. from "Fresh Fruits and Vegtables" Posted to KitMailbox Digest by "Dan D." <itisme@...> on Jul 22, 1997

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