Yukon kolaches

Yield: 28 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 packs Dry Yeast
¼ cup Warm Water (110-115 F)
2 cups Milk
½ cup Butter Or Margarine
½ cup Sugar
½ cup Shortening
1 teaspoon Salt
1 \N Egg -- beaten
2 \N Egg Yolks -- beaten
7 cups Flour
1 tablespoon Butter -- melted
1¼ cup Pastry Filling*

* poppy seeds, prunes, apricots, or fruit preserves.

Dissolve yeast in water; set aside. In medium saucepan heat the milk, butter or margarine, sugar, shortening, and salt until warm (120-130 F), stirring constantly. Transfer to a very large mixing bowl. Stir in the dissolved yeast, egg, and egg yolks. Gradually stir in 5 cups of flour to make a soft sponge. Cover and let rise in a warm place until the dough just starts to rise (about 20-30 mins). Stir in remaining 2 cups flour to make a soft dough. Cover and let rise in a warm place until double (about 45 mins). Stir dough down. Cover and let rest 10 mins.

Turn out onto a floured surface and roll to ¾ inch thickness. Cut with a 3-inch round cutter. Place 3 inches apart on greased baking sheets. Brush with melted butter or margarine. Cover and let rise until nearly double (about 30 mins). Using a floured finger or back of a spoon, make a depression in the center of each and fill with about 2 tsp of the pastry filling. Bake in 375 F oven for 12-15 mins or until golden brown. Remove from baking sheets and cool on wire rack. Makes about 28 kolaches.

Recipe By : The Route 66 Cookbook - ISBN 0-933031-80-7 From: Dan Klepach Date: 10-06-95 (00:49) (159) Fido: Cooking

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