Yeast cheese cake

Yield: 12 Servings

Measure Ingredient
½ cup Margarine
1 cup Sugar
1½ cup Water
3 \N Eggs
1 \N Lemon; rind from
1 kilograms Flour
1 pack \"Shimrit\" yeast or equivalent
6 packs 1/2% fat white cheese (I guess you could use cream cheese)
3 \N Eggs
6 tablespoons Corn starch
1½ cup Sugar
6 packs Vanilla sugar



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Date: Fri, 26 Jul 96 21:48:13 PDT This recipe is a lot of work, and takes a lot of time, but don't stop reading is really good! Drain the cheese in a towel hung over the sink for 3-4 hours. Take the remaining cheese ball and mix with the rest of the ingredients and refrigerate.

Dough: Mix 1 T sugar with the water and yeast and let foam. Add margarine sugar and eggs. Add the rest and mix well. It makes a sticky dough.

Roll out the entire dough into one very large rectangle on a well floured surface. Smear with 1½ cups of margarine, folding like a business letter and then folding the outside ends in thirds to the middle.

Refrigerate for several hours.

Divide the dough into 6 balls. Roll out into a 81/2 x 11 rectanle. Put cheese in row down the center. Cut slits on the diagonal from the outer edge of the dough to just before the cheese and cover into a "mock braid" not overlapping the two sides by a lot (barely overlap so the piece you receive to eat isn't too doughy!). Bake until golden brown. Boil 1 cup of sugar with ½ cup of water and pour syrup over hot loaves. Freezes well also!

JEWISH-FOOD digest 283

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