World guide to vegetarianism

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Doreen said: Greetings from Texas. I am very new to this digest and very,very to the concept of ff/vlf living. I am at the very very beginning stages of the transition from SAD to VLF and would like information on vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the Houston area.

Right now with my work schedule and such I don't even have time to cook much--we all know eating out consistently in the SAD world is deadly for the experienced, and I'm a total novice.

Maybe this will help, I got it off of the news group concerning the World Guide to Vegetarianism a directory of every restaurant that they know about that is vegetarian or serves any vegetarian dishes and it includes some specific info about what they serve:

You can view a HTML formatted version of the guide via WWW at

The latest posted copy of the World Guide to Vegetarianism is available via e-mail. For an index and instructions, send an e-mail to mail-server@... with the following line in the message body: send usenet/news.answers/vegetarian/guide/index The guide is also available via anonymous ftp from in the directory /pub/usenet/news.answers/vegetarian/guide.

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