Wesley's secret eggplant recipe

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Eggplants, or however many
\N \N You can afford
1 \N Litre Kentucky Bourbon

Directions: OK, first, you take all the eggplant you have, and grind it up very finely in the kitchen sink built-in grinder...SAFETY TIP...watch out for finger tips & Bourbon bottles.

(Whoops, it all went down the drain? Oh, well...) 2nd, take the Bourbon and mix it well with water, 7-up, or a generic substitute. By this time, the odor and texture of the eggplant should be gone.

Rinse out your sink, and apply the Bourbon mixture internally.

Now, THERE's an eggplant recipe I can live with! Next time, we'll try it with a wine sauce!

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