Venison sausage from fred goslin

Yield: 12 pounds

Measure Ingredient
8¼ pounds Venison [ground]
3¼ pounds Bacon [ground]
1½ tablespoon Salt
1½ tablespoon Pepper
1½ tablespoon Poultry seasoning
½ teaspoon Allspice
½ teaspoon Sage
½ teaspoon Nutmeg
1 cup Water

1) Combine all of the ingredients, mixing well. 2) Shape into patties and fry in a skillet `til brown on both sides. (sausage will be slightly pink on the inside) *or* It may also be stuffed in casings and boiled...

Source: Randy L. Riley, Carthage NY. from "Bill Saiff's Rod & Reel Recipes for Hookin' & Cookin'" re-typed with permissin by Fred Goslin on Cyberealm Bbs, home of KOOKNET in Watertown NY (315) 786-1120

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