Vegetarian gravy

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
2 cups Kidney bean; cooking juice or from pinto or adzuki beans
2 tablespoons Tamari soy sauce; up to 3 tb or dark miso
1 tablespoon Oil, natural
⅓ cup Whole what flour; or millet flour or quinoa flour
¼ teaspoon Chili powder; up to 1/2 tsp or curry powder
¼ teaspoon Sea salt
¼ teaspoon Sea kelp
\N \N Cayenne pepper;several dashs

Use previously frozen bean "juice" or cook ½-1 lb beans until very tender and drain off and save 2 cups of the liquid. Use the 'muddiest' part of the liquid for this recipe. Use the beans in another recipe or freeze them for later use. Combine all the ingredients with cooled bean juice and stir over medium-low heat until thickened. Use a wire whisk or blender to mix well. Correct the seasonings to taste and serve this gravy over potatoes, rice, whole grains, vegetables, mock meat loaf, burgers or other dishes.

MAKES: 2½ cups SOURCE: _Vegan Delights: Gourmet Vegetarian Specialities_ by Jeanne Marie Martin. posted by Anne MacLellan Converted by MMCONV vers. 1⅖ ---

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