Valentines party menu

Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N First you have to make code words up for the menu you are serving. The
\N \N Following is a menu for the dinner that I attended some time ago (8
\N \N Years)

The purpose is to give the guests the 'menu' with the code words on it, and have them try to figure out what they mean. Then they are to put them in the order that they believe the meal should appear... 8-} Then, once they have figured out and placed the code words in the order they want (each person's will be different) you take their menu back into the kitchen. Each person then gets served their choice of what they believe the first course is... depending on the order they chose, they recieve their food in that order... they may end up getting their dessert first, or worse yet, their main course or soup before they get any eating utensils or napkins.. 8-} This is a blast to be a guest at.. we spent almost 4 hours at this meal... and no one is to get their second course until everyone has finished their if you happen to get you toothpick or napkin, and someone else gets their main course, you have to sit there until they are finished... 8-} hehehe... Here is the list of code words and what the food was that corresponded to it... 1. SIAP (Sex in a Pan) 2. What Lover's do (Spoon) 3. Envy (Brocolli Soup) 4. Cupid's Arrow (toothpick) 5. Gentlemen Prefer (Breats and thighs) 6. Lover's Prayer (Lettuce alone) (salad) 7. Slick (Knife) 8. Heartbreak (Napkin) (to wipe away your tears) 9. Staff of Life (bread + butter) 10. H2O Combo (coffee) 11. Mineral (Perrier water) 12. Stuck on you (Fork) 13. Hot Lips (apperitif) 14. Sweetheart (candy) 15. Italian Crunch (antipasto and cracker) 16. Wild thing (wild rice) 17. Pickled Rabbit (marinated carrots) At the bottom of the menu, you can print, "Enjoy your Dinner" Allow the guests about 10-15 minutes to figure out what the code words mean and to put them in order.. then take the menu's into the kitchen and start to serve them their choices... 8-} For the breasts and thighs, we were served a cornish game hen.. 8-} try eating that with no knife, fork, or napkin!!! Or getting your bread and butter with no knife yet.. 8-}... hehehe... Origin: From party I attended as guest February 14, 1986 Shared by: Sharon Stevens, Feb/95.

Submitted By SHARON STEVENS On 02-13-95

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