Yield: 1 servings

Measure Ingredient
\N \N Well, the students in my cooking classes (most of 'em, anyway) managed
\N \N To get decent ones after a couple of dozen tries. Are you rolling the
\N \N Dough into little balls, then letting it rest (covered with plastic
\N \N Wrap) for a half hour or so?
1 each Roll the dough into smooth balls the size of a golf ball.
2 eaches Allow the dough to rest, covered with plastic wrap for about 30
\N \N Minutes.
3 eaches Remove the balls, one at a
\N \N Or, you could do what a friend of mine does, and pretend she intended
\N \N 'em to look that way ++ she lets her kids play guessing games as to
\N \N What the tortilla looks like. For some reason, the most popular shape time, from the plastic wrap.
4 eaches Using your hand, squash the ball into a flat round cake.
5 eaches Using a rolling pin or a dowel rod, begin rolling the tortilla from




the center toward the outside. Turn, and repeat, until you have a round tortilla of the size/thickness desired. (This method is identical to the way you roll pie crust, if that helps). Please note these instructions are for flour tortillas ONLY. I'm convinced that the ability to hand-shape corn tortillas is genetic. Without a decent tortilla press, a poor gringo(a) hasn't a chance.

Submitted By PAT STOCKETT On 02-07-95

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