Tomato clubs

Yield: 4 servings

Measure Ingredient
4 larges Tomatoes
1½ teaspoon Sugar
1½ teaspoon Salt
¼ teaspoon Pepper
4 slices Swiss cheese
8 slices Bread
\N \N Mayonnaise or salad dressing
\N \N Leaf lettuce
8 slices Cooked chicken or turkey
8 slices Crisp bacon
\N \N Stuffed green & ripe olives
\N \N Blue-cheese or other salad dressing

Peel tomatoes and cut out stem ends; cut each into 3 thick slices, keeping slices in order. Combine sugar, salt and pepper in a cup.

Cut cheese slices into ¼" wide strips. Toast bread; trim crusts, then spread with mayonnaise or salad dressing. Halve 4 slices diagonally; place 1 whole slice and 2 halves on either side on each or 4 serving plates as a base for "sandwiches." Build each as follows: Place stem end slice of tomato, cut side up, on taost; sprinkle with seasoning mix; top with lettuce, chicken or turkey slices, tomato slice, more seasoning mix, lettuce, cheese strips, bacon, remaining tomato slice and any remaining seasoning mix. Hold together with a long wooden pick threaded with green and ripe olives (stuck in on a diagonal in the picture). Serve with blue-cheese dressing or your favorite. From Family Circle Magazine, Aug '63.

Submitted By TERRI WOLTMON On 04-21-95

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