Tasty 3 peppers sausage

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
2 \N Italian sausages; (the type that are about 7\" long by 1\" through), so let's make that about 20\" of Italian sausage :) (up to 3)
1 large White onion
1 \N Red bell peppers
1 \N Green bell peppers
1 \N Yellow bell peppers
2 tablespoons Butter
1 pinch Basil
\N \N Fresh ground black pepper
½ teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
¼ cup Red wine

Steam the sausage in a pressure cooker for 5-7 mins to firm them up and make them easier to slice.

While steaming the sausage, peel and slice the onion into long vertical slices and soften them in the butter, basil and worcestershire sauce in a large frying pan.

When the sausages are firmed (and much of the fat steamed out), cut them into ¼" slices on a bias, so that the slices appear to be oval rather than round.

Turn the heat up on the frying pan and fry the sausage with the onion, keeping the sausage moving and turned over quite frequently. Once they are cooked, turn down the heat and add the wine. Allow to simmer for 5 mins.

Wash the bell peppers and remove the seeds, core and pith. Slice each of the peppers into the frying pan and cook quickly over high heat for about 3-5 mins. Sprinkle fresh ground black pepper over the mixture. Don't overcook, and keep tossing the mixture.

Serve over pasta (rigatoni or penne is good) with grated parmesan sprinkled over the top.

Serves 4.

Posted to TNT Recipes Digest, Vol 01, Nr 936 by Basil Barnes <basil@...> on Jan 13, 1998

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