Stuffed heads

Yield: 1 Servings

Measure Ingredient
15 pounds Whole crawfish (peel 'em and devein 'em)
Couple of onions, chopped up
A little bell pepper chopped
A celery stick, chopped
½ cup Vegetable oil
Stick of butter
30 Cleaned heads (suck 'em first) (up to 40)
Some crawfish fat (if you don't got it forget it, just don't rinse the tails)
5 slices Toast (cut the crusts off)
½ cup Evaporated milk
Fresh chopped parsley
Green onions

Chris, man I gotta tell ya, we don't do crawfish bisque too much around here, it's just too much trouble, but if you want one, my Gramma has one: Squish the bread in the milk and set aside.

Chop up the tails real fine, add big onions, bell pepper, oil, butter and fat in a big ole pan and simmer until vegetables are cooked, add bread/milk stuff. Add parsley, garlic, green onions and any other seasoning a good chile head would add at this point. Stuff the heads. Roll 'em in flour and bake em for a while, don't burn the heads. The flour should turn a little brown. Freeze em if you like. Posted to CHILE-HEADS DIGEST V3 #267 by Gary Johnson <gjohnso@...> on Mar 18, 1997

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