Shredded wheat bread (machine)

Yield: 1 loaf

Measure Ingredient
2¼ teaspoon Dry yeast
2 cups Whole wheat flour
1 cup Bread flour
1 teaspoon Salt
3 tablespoons Butter/margarine
¼ cup Light molasses
1 cup Mini-shredded wheat biscuits
\N \N (2 ounces)
1¼ cup Plus 1 T plus 1 t warm
\N \N (105ø-115ø) water

Add ingredients in the order listed. All ingredients must be at room temperature, unless otherwise noted. Select whole grain and baking control for light. Press start. Tent a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side down, over glass dome at start of baking. Remove when cooling begins. Bread will be ready in 4 hours and 10 minutes.

Connoisseurs of shredded wheat know their favorite cereal has no added sugar or salt. It's just pure, wholesome goodness in a delightfully crunchy form. The idea of basing a bread on a breakfast cereal was intriguing, as is the spicy hint imparted by the light molasses.

From "Easy Baking" by Claudia Burns and Tom Lacalamita for Welbilt Submitted By ROBERTA THOMPSON On 02-02-95

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